Presentations from the second KeepWarm webinar in Latvia now available

11 June 2020

Presentations from the second KeepWarm webinar in Latvia now available

On 10 June 2020 KeepWarm project partner from Latvia, ZREA, held the second in a series of four online seminars, which was attended by a total of 29 participants. This webinar was devoted to the topic of national policy and legislation, EU funds and availability of investments.

In the introduction of the webinar, senior expert of the Department of Energy Efficiency and Crisis Management of the Ministry of Economics, Mr. Aleksandrs Vlads informed on the actual issues in heating regulation, as well as the vision for future development in the context of strategic documents.

The next speaker, Mrs. Baiba Ligere, senior expert of the Energy Finance Instruments Department of the Ministry of Economics, gave presentation on the benefits for district heating from the EU funds for energy efficiency, as well as on the EU support of previous period for district heating and the planned support for future period.

The investment director of BaltCap Investment fund, Mr. Matiss Paegle, provided information on alternatives to the funding offered by the investment fund BaltCap.

In conclusion, Head Unit of Corporate Energy Efficiency of a state-owned development finance institution ALTUM, Mr. Edgars Kudurs, told about the financial instruments for energy efficiency offered by ALTUM.

All the presentations the recording of the webinar (in Latvian) are available on ZREA's and the Latvian country page of the KeepWarm project website.

ZREA KeepWarm Inspire Event 2 Latvia by "ZREA"