KeepWarm at the International Energy and Investments Days in Serbia

28 February 2020

KeepWarm at the International Energy and Investments Days in Serbia

The International Energy and Investments Days were held in Novi Sad from 26th to 27th February 2020. The largest forum for foreign and domestic projects The Novi Sad Fair has organised with the support of the Provincial Secretariat for Energy, Construction and Transport, and the partnership of the RES Foundation.

The International Energy and Investments Days are aimed at:

  • Encouraging business contacts and co-operation between all the relevant stakeholders in the field of energy, investment, construction and local development sectors in Serbia and the Region
  • Informing potential investors about the investment projects and stimulating higher investment in these fields
  • Presenting advanced technologies as well as forms of financing energy, infrastructure and construction projects
  • Positioning the topic of climate change within public awareness, as one of the most significant topics at the present day, in which inventive and responsible companies are playing tremendous role
  • Spreading the awareness about the necessity of more energy efficient consumption, altering renewable energy sources and environmental protection
  • Gathering the most prominent leaders and experts, that will together make a contribution to higher quality work on prevailing topics such as energy, energy efficiency, funding opportunities, building construction industry and climate change

In addition to the exhibition part of the event, the congress segment within which the most current topics were discussed, with participation of experts from the country and abroad, is extremely important. The congress was divided into several segments, i.e. 8 panels with different topics. During the panel "Green agreement for green heating" (panel 4), the KeepWarm project was introduced through a presentation and panel discussion with the following topics:

  • Application of renewable energy sources in district heating systems in the Western Balkans
  • Improving the efficiency of existing networks and district heating systems
  • Geothermal energy in district heating systems
  • KeepWarm project - Improvement of district heating systems in Central and Eastern Europe

Panel participants were:

  • Bojan Bogdanovic, European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, EBRD
  • Dušan Macura, Public Utility Company of Novi Sad heating plant
  • Dejan Stojanovic, Business Association of Serbian Heating Plants, TOPS
  • Milica Mladenovic, representative of Keep Warm, Project partner Vinca Institute

International Energy and Investments Days by "VINCA Institute"