KeepWarm Inspire event series in Ukraine on district heating modernisation concluded

7 August 2020

KeepWarm Inspire event series in Ukraine on district heating modernisation concluded

The series of KeepWarm e-seminars on district heating modernisation in Ukraine concluded on 6 August 2020 with a fourth event involving discussion of priority investment projects in Ternopil and Zhytomyr district heating systems with twinning partners from Croatia and the Czech Republic. The e-seminar was organised by KeepWarm project partner KT-Energy LLC and attended by 24 participants.

Feasibility of energy efficiency investment in district heating significantly depends on natural gas prices but replacement of inefficient boilers, modernisation of burners and biomass to energy projects demonstrate good economic feasibility in most cases. Feasibility of complex projects including both boilers and grid modernisation is case-specific; and opportunities for centralisation, optimisation of generation capacity and network design should be reviewed to improve financial attractiveness. Pipelines’ replacement demonstrates low or medium (for most inefficient sections) feasibility and would require significant public support to ensure energy security of the cities”, concluded Kyryl Tomliak, director of KT-Energy, during the opening presentation.

Mykola Shlapak, consultant of KT-Energy LLC, presented draft proposals for the national district heating sector modernisation plan for Ukraine. The document was developed within the KeepWarm project and aims at formulation of proposals for state policy actions directed at the support of modernisation projects in district heating systems and transition to efficient district heating in line with the EU standards.

Some most important recommendations, which raised most active discussion during stakeholder consultation process, include the need for approving the national strategy for district heating renewal, mapping of district heating systems and available renewable energy and waste energy sources, as well as increased focus on communication activities among the consumers to raise awareness about the benefits of modernised and efficient district heating systems”, noted Mykola Shlapak.

Maksym Zhuk, Head of Strategic Development and Implementation of Credit and Investment Projects department of Zhytomyr DHS, highlighted the complex modernisation project, which includes construction of biomass CHP with ORC unit, centralisation of generation capacities, replacement of pipelines and installation of substations.

The project will cover all district heating elements in one particular district of the city and will serve as an example of a complex approach for renewing the district heating system in Ukrainian cities”, stated Maksym Zhuk.

Andriy Chumak, Director of Ternopil DHS, commented on the planned gradual switch to biomass fuel and modernisation projects including biomass boilers construction.

Despite current relatively low natural gas prices, biomass fuel will provide the opportunities to reduce the heating cost for final consumers in the long-term perspective. In particular, we are looking at the potential of energy crops as a reliable source of long-term biomass supply”, indicated Andriy Chumak.

KeepWarm partners and representatives of DHSs from Chech Republic and Croatia took active part in the discussions and raised additional questions on hot water supply, agricultural biomass use, feasibility of centralisation, and impact of lower natural gas prices on district heating modernisation projects, including switch to renewable energy.

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KeepWarm Inspire Event 4 Ukraine by "KT-Energy LLC"