Virtual regional study visits explore eight DHS projects

14 September 2020

Virtual regional study visits explore eight DHS projects

A KeepWarm virtual “Regional Study Visits” meeting was held on September 10, 2020. Hosted by the Regional Energy Agency of Northwest Croatia, VINČA Institute and the Institute of Energy Agency for Savinjska, Šaleško and Koroško (KSSENA) from Velenje. The meeting, which brought together over 30 participants, replaced face-to-face sessions previously planned in 3 KeepWarm target countries Croatia, Serbia and Slovenia. Project partners as well as representatives of all concerned heating plants convened online to share and learn about the pilot projects that encourage energy transition, implementation of new solutions and green technologies, and positive change.

The participants exchanged on the current situation in district heating systems, including a focus on current legislation and future obligations such as energy efficiency, integration of renewable energy sources, transparency and improving general communication between district heating and local / regional / national authorities, with the aim to identify the main problems in the sector and their possible solutions.

The second and main part of the meeting was dedicated to the twinning activities through the KeepWarm project, which fosters cooperation and exchange between previously selected twin partners. The associated pilot projects are:

  • Velika Gorica (HR) & Šabac (SRB)
  • Zaprešić (HR) & Nova Varos (SRB)
  • Ptuj (SLO) & Priboj (SRB)
  • Samobor (HR) & Velenje (SLO)

Each district heating systems representative presented in detail the current state of their plants and the plans that will be attempted through the KeepWarm project, and was followed by a discussion round to exchange input and ideas.

The overall virtual study visit feedback was positive, with organisers receiving several requests from district heating representatives to organize additional meetings between certain district heating systems, to facilitate additional knowledge exchange on i.e. use of optimization systems, implementation of certain technologies and effective communication with end users.

The full event can be watched here, and presentations are available here.

Image by "ICLEI Europe"