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We are here to help DHSs, cities, regions and other stakeholders through a variety of resources and services offered. Our entire consortium is happy to support you with our valuable services, including helping you find your way through the legal framework, guidance in navigating potential subsidies, permits and standards relevant to you, exploiting district heating data in meaningful feasibility studies of market-ready scenarios, etc.

Let us help you convert your ambitious ideas into real actions on the ground, through the many other services we offer, listed in the table below. To find out more, please contact our consortium (info@keepwarmeurope.eu), or get in touch directly with our national partners!

DH companies: Why take advantage of KeepWarm material and services?

  • Elaborate needs and create tailor-made capacity building approaches to increase the capability of your staff
  • Develop viable business plans to attract funding by applying one of KeepWarm replication models
  • Ensure a greater cooperation with stakeholders by interacting on a regular basis in a suitable manner
  • Enhance interactions with policy makers by making your voice matter in the shaping the future position of DHSs

Cities and regions: Why take advantage of KeepWarm material and services?

  • Switch to efficient and decarbonised DH solutions which contribute to your own climate goals
  • Drive local/regional specialisation and boost your economic opportunities
  • Cooperate more effectively with local DHSs and relevant stakeholders
  • Ensure that your policy frameworks and financial mechanisms properly prioritise DH retrofits (e.g. efficiency measures and decarbonisation through sustainable energy sources)

Services offered to DHSs, cities, regions and other stakeholders

The Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammen-arbeit (GIZ, German Corporation for International Cooperation) is a German development agency that provides services in the field of international development cooperation. It mainly implements projects of the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development, but also works with the private sector and other national and supranational organisations on a public benefit basis. GIZ is the coordinator of the project.

The research group at the Power Engineering and Energy Management Chair at the University of Zagreb is leading in the field of sustainable development of energy in the region. Its main areas of research include energy planning and management, optimisation and sizing of energy systems, energy demand modelling and mapping, as well as sustainability of regions. For KeepWarm, UNIZAG FSB works on capacity building of DHS operators and support to pilot projects in Croatia.

The Landwirtschaftskammer Steiermark (Lk-Stmk) represents the interests of Styrian farmers since 1929. Today it has around 55'000 members. Through intensive advice activity in the past 20 years, Lk-Stmk played a decisive role in Styria's development into a model region in the field of heat and electricity production based on biomass, -gas and bio-fuel transport. Within the project, Lk-Stmk is in charge of preparing feasibility studies. It will also support DHS pilot project implementation in Austria.

As an energy agency for Croatia and the whole region, REGEA can provide necessary assistance for both public and private entities in project leading (integration of RES, especially solar thermal energy) and in application process for available external (EU) Funds. In cooperation with other stakeholders, assistance can also include capacity building in different areas in heating sector.

As part of the Jožef Stefan Institute, the leading technological institute in Slovenia, the Energy Efficiency Centre (EEC) has the key role for strategic development, consultancy and knowledge transfer related to efficient energy use and its environmental impact, renewable energy integration and energy planning. EEC helps industrial and public companies to reduce their energy costs and improve the quality and sustainability of their energy supply, and carries out in-depth energy audits. Local authorities can be assisted in the preparation and assessment of energy efficiency and climate action plans, including spatial modelling and planning of heating and cooling consumption and supply. Feasibility studies, operational optimisation studies and comprehensive planning of cogeneration plants in industry and district heating systems can be prepared. EEC conducts various types of general and specific tailor-made training for energy professionals and authorities, including the certified EUREM training programme for energy managers in Slovenia.

ICLEI - Local Governments for Sustainability is the leading global network of over 1'500 cities, towns and regions committed to sustainable development. ICLEI Europe provides its 160 members in the region with a voice on the European and international stage, a platform to connect with peers and the tools to drive positive environmental, economic and social change. ICLEI Europe will be responsible for all activities linked to KeepWarm's peer exchange, as well as dissemination and exploitation.

The Association for District Heating of the Czech Republic is an interest group of legal entities and entrepreneurs in the field of heat supply. It is promoting the development of district heating systems and combined heat and power generation as an effective and environment-friendly way of primary fuel energy utilisation. Within KeepWarm TSCR supports the development of pilot DHS projects in the Czech Republic and is responsible for the Sustainable Adoption Roadmap.

The main services offered by Zemgale Regional Energy Agency (ZREA) include advisory, consulting services, informative events on energy efficiency, renewable energy and green transport and networking, including the KeepWarm approach beyond the end of the project.

The Energy Agency of Savinjska, Šaleška and Koroška Regions (KSSENA) operates in 3 of the most forested Slovenian regions. KSSENA is an energy expert, focusing on renewable energy sources, rational use of energy and project management. It has been involved in several such projects at a national and European level and prepares feasibility studies, energy concepts and other documents for municipalities. For KeepWarm, it supports the development of pilot projects in Slovenia.

KT-Energy provides consulting services on green transition of district heating sector, development of investment projects and project financing, as well as on the preparation of training materials and conducting training on the above mentioned topics.

The Laboratory of Thermal Engineering and Energy is one of the largest in the Vinča Institute of Nuclear Sciences. It represents the most relevant scientific institution for thermal engineering and energy in Serbia. Biomass research is an important part of its activities, including fundamental and applied research as well as the development of mathematical models for combustion and heat transfer processes. Vinca will support the implementation of pilot projects in Serbia.