Development of České Budějovice district heating plant didn't stop, even during two-month state of emergency

28 May 2020

Development of České Budějovice district heating plant didn't stop, even during two-month state of emergency

Even the two-month state of emergency, which ended a few days ago in the Czech Republic, did not stop the development of the České Budějovice district heating plant, one of the three KeepWarm district heating demonstration cases in the country. The city company managed to keep all investment projects and major repairs running, important for its stable operation and further development.

This is, for example, a new main heat exchanger station, important for the efficient control of hot water pipelines associated with the possibility of using the TG6 turbine, or the repair of the pressure part of the K11 boiler. This is the last major investment in this coal source, which will expire in 2029. Subsequently, this boiler will be replaced by renewable energy sources in the form of biomass and municipal waste, and coal combustion will not continue. „This year's ambitious plan is gradually being fulfilled, even though due to the COVID-19 epidemic, the deadlines for completing individual actions are being extended. It is obvious that access to the necessary materials and parts has deteriorated, their transport and the movement of employees of supplier companies have become more complicated", says Václav Král, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the district heating plant.

Even in these challenging times, it has nevertheless prepared a change to the integrated permit, which already includes the need to meet the stricter EU requirements for environmental protection. In addition, the biomass fuel test was evaluated and the long-term business concept of the Green City Strategy was completed. Its goal is to further green operations, diversify the fuel mix and gradually replace brown coal with locally available renewable energy sources before the official European dates. The České Budějovice district heating plant, which provides thermal energy for 29,000 households and 250 companies, operated in a special mode during the emergency, but without operating restrictions. Thanks to the professional commitment of its employees, it thus maintained a continuous supply of electricity and heat to all customers, including the regional hospital.

The crisis regime of key production and service departments will last until the end of May. Subsequently, the special shift regime will end. This regime ensures that teams of experts do not meet and work independently of each other. Hygiene measures will continue to be important, but otherwise it is clear that we are beginning to return to normal. However, we are closely monitoring the development of the ongoing epidemic and, if necessary, we are again ready to respond flexibly to current developments", concluded the Chairman of the Board of Directors.

For more information about KeepWarm project activities in the Czech Republic, please visit its country page.

DHS Ceske Budejovice by "TSCR"