KeepWarm virtual regional study visits - Croatia, Slovenia & Serbia

9 September 2020

KeepWarm virtual regional study visits - Croatia, Slovenia & Serbia

KeepWarm project partners REGEA, VINČA and KSSENA will organise virtual study visits between twinned District Heating Systems (DHS) on 10 September 2020.

The main idea behind the event is to achieve twinning aspects of our KeepWarm project in terms of starting collaboration between selected twinned DHSs. Since all activities have been transferred to a virtual form, project partners have decided to organise a joint meeting for three participating countries – Croatia, Slovenia and Serbia where virtual study visits will take place, as well as discussions regarding on-going investment projects. A general goal is to tackle main issues in DH sector by enabling knowledge transfer, showcase of examples of good practice and discussing about possible solutions in technical and legal aspects. Each pilot DH system in KeepWarm project will shortly present the current situation and investment plans which derives directly from KeepWarm activities, after which discussion will take place to provide a useful feedback on all plans and future activities.

Regarding attendees, three project partners will be present alongside respective pilot DHSs representatives which are already included in the project. Apart from these stakeholders, public authorities will be invited as an added value to disseminate project activities.

The event will take place on 10 September 2020 from 10h to 13h CET on the Microsoft Teams platform, hosted by project partner REGEA. Language of the event will be Croatian/Serbian/Slovenian.

regional map by "ICLEI Europe"