Final trainings on financial, organisational and managerial aspects held in Ukraine

25 April 2019

Final trainings on financial, organisational and managerial aspects held in Ukraine

The trainings on financial, organisational and managerial matters for Ukrainian DHS companies were provided within the framework of KeepWarm project from 23 till 25 of April 2019.

The Ukrainian DHS sector faces important challenges concerning the improvement of energy efficiency and reliability of operations, as well as reduction of the adverse impact on the environment by switching to renewable energy sources and ensuring compliance with the environmental standards.

The training sessions covered the current financial situation of DHS companies and prospects for its improving, as well as public policy tools that would create additional incentives for reducing natural gas consumption and increasing energy efficiency. In addition, the participants of the trainings learned about expected changes in tariff-setting mechanisms and existing opportunities for attracting financing for the DHSs modernisation.

"Taking into account the need for extensive improvements in district heating systems and growing number of investment projects, DHS specialists have to develop their knowledge and skills in preparation of business plans, business models, and financial analysis," - said Kyryl Tomliak, director of KT Energy LLC.

Vitaliy Grubenuyk, chief engineer of Ternopil DHS commented: “Our company implements a number of large-scale projects on the reconstruction of local capacities, including the installation of heat distribution stations, replacement of heat supply networks, installation of new burners, and construction of boiler houses using renewable fuel. For effective project management it is extremely important to develop our management team's capacity and to enhance staff skills in managerial aspects. Therefore, we actively take part in the trainings organised by KeepWarm project."

Iryna Divinska, the Chief of connection and development service in Bila Tserkva DHS added: "Information received during the KeepWarm trainings will be extremely useful for our company taking into account the active preparation of the modernisation project in cooperation with NEFCO."

Olga Kaznovska, Head of production and  technical department of Kmelnytsky South-East Heat Systems stated: “During training we have got actual and helpful information about changes and novelty in the tariff-setting mechanisms. It is especially important for us as far as significant changes take place in this domain”.

Oleksandr Lysak, Chief Engineer of the Investment Projects Implementation Service of Zhytomyr DHS concluded: “Knowledge and skills in business plan development, the development of financial models, and the planning of investment activity gained during trainings will make us more effective in the development and realization of modernization projects.”

Training workshop in Ukraine (LLC KT Energy)