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KeepWarm Guidance Booklet

This guidance booklet has been created as a means of helping you navigate some of the key issues involved in upgrading your district heating (DH) by using more sustainable energy sources, namely from a variety of viable renewable energy sources and/or excess heat harvestable from industrial/commercial processes. Integrating and fully-switching to these greener DH alternatives makes sense not only at an operational level, but is greatly supportive, if not essential, for the successful implementation of a variety of Europe’s flagship policy initiatives.

This Guidance Document has been translated into the languages of KeepWarm project partners. Find here the different versions:

Austrian, Croatian, Czech, Latvian, Serbian, Slovenian, Ukrainian

KeepWarm Report on Replication Models

This report points out eleven models developed within the project which can be used as good practice examples and showcase for successful modernisation of various DHSs. These models represent a continuous work and highlight main parts of the KeepWarm tailor - made approach.


Additional useful resources

The resources available below and sorted by sub-themes, provide further knowledge on individual sustainable energy sources used for district heating:

Solar district heating

Solarthermal heat

Biomass district heating

Excess heat district heating

Geothermal district heating

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