Keeping our cities renewably warm

8 October 2020, 02:00 - 03:30

Keeping our cities renewably warm

The KeepWarm project aims to accelerate cost-effective investment in the modernisation of district heating systems (DHS), particularly in Central and Eastern Europe, where DHS are often old, inefficient and remain overly reliant on fossil fuels.

KeepWarm promotes sustainable pathways to retrofit existing DHS by upgrading efficiency and switching to local, greener energy sources. By and large, energy efficiency retrofits (e.g. boiler-house upgrades, reductions in heat loss in the grid, etc.) represent the necessary first steps that many DHS must address before they can realistically transition to renewable energy sources and/or use of excess heat. It is crucial that political and financial frameworks more strongly support forward-thinking DHS.

In this context, the KeepWarm project is offering a webinar series on the modernisation of district heating systems.

The session will emphasise the great potential of exploiting solar thermal and biomass resources (as well as other RE like heat pumps) by forward-thinking DHSs. It will particularly focus on relevant examples from four KeepWarm target countries: Croatia, Latvia, Slovenia and Serbia. The common thread in all four cases will be about DHS RE-retrofits from their distinct national perspectives, and with insights applicable to other countries and from other RE sources.

Additionally, KeepWarm will formally launch its new RE-DH guidance booklet to inspire strategic decision-making and further replication/investments for integrating/switching to RE-DH.

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KeepWarm Webinar 2 cover image by "ICLEI Europe"