Renewable Energy Sources and Energy Efficiency Topics including Waste to Energy Aspects

Topic/ Language/ Author

Utilisation of waste heat in urban environment and from industrial sites (Slovenian); by Miran Zager, ZIDE

Training duration (hrs)

4 hours


Utilizing waste heat as a heat source for heating represents a great potential for DHSs - most often, waste heat is used in industries where manufacturing or processing require cooling or heating (ironworks, foundries, moulding of plastic products, food processing, sewage treatments); the utilization of waste heat is mainly possible through the air, air/ water system and water, water/ water system

Training is suitable for

DHS operators

Sustainability of biomass supply (Slovenian); by Boštjan Krajnc, Sašo Mozgan and Nejc Jurko, KSSENA

4 hours

Sustainability of biomass supply (increasing capacity of plant operators and their fuel/ biomass suppliers, estimation of biomass potential)

Managerial staff

1 hour

Presentation of lighthouse project of implementation of excess heat in  DHS - fourth-year of useful use of excess heat for district heating at Ravne na Koroškem

Business support staff, managerial staff, technical staff