Technical Topics

Training duration (hrs)

8 hours


Energy renovationy of buildings and their impact on DHS, hydraulic balancing of the termotechnical systems where water is a heat carrier, termotechnical regulation and its impact on DHS and heat losses calculations in buildings (and DHS)

Training is suitable for

DHS operators, technical staff, engineers

Heat storage - TETO Zagreb & Seasonal storage - water pit & Thermal storage (Croatian); by Dr. sc. Mislav Cehil,, Univeristy of Zagreb

6 hours

Heat storage and their application in DHS, explanation about heat storage and different types of heat storage, relevant steps in heat storage design, overview of prices of heat storage installation

DHS operators, technical staff, engineers

Hydraulic calculation of pipes & Transitional phaenomenon in pipe systems & Pumps & Pipeline replacement strategy (Croatian); by Dr. sc Zdravko Virag, & Dr. sc. Mario Savar,, University of Zagreb

12 hours

Hydraulic pipeline calculations strictly from the technical point of view, detailed technoeconomic analysis of pipeline replacement

DHS operators, technical staff, engineers