Project materials

Materials produced for the KeepWarm project available for download:

KeepWarm business card cover image
KeepWarm business card back page

KeepWarm project business card

Business card in Ukrainian Mr Shlapak & Mr Tomliak



KeepWarm project DIN A2 poster



KeepWarm project roll-up banner in Croatian

KeepWarm project roll-up banner in Czech

KeepWarm project roll-up banner in English

KeepWarm project roll-up banner in Latvian

KeepWarm project roll-up banner in Ukrainian



Project deliverables

Public deliverables of the project available for download:

  • D2.1 Training needs assessment and plan (lead: UNIZAG FSB): This document is a description of the training needs of participating DHS and an overview of the trainings that will be held on the different topics.
  • D2.2 Report of trainings conducted (lead: UNIZAG FSB): This deliverable reports about the trainings that resulted of the needs assessment of DHS. The materials used during the trainings can be found in our Learning centre or on partners' respective country pages.
  • D2.3 Training Package (lead: UNIZAG FSB): This is a summary of all training materials used by KeepWarm, some of them developed by partners themselves, others are adapted and translated open source materials. They can all be found in our Learning centre or on partners' country pages in their respective languages.
  • D5.1 Regulatory framework and barriers review for retrofitting DHS (lead: JSI): This public deliverable provides an overview of the existing regulatory and policy framework in participating countries, which is influencing the retrofitting and modernisation of DHS.
  • D6.3 Promotional materials (lead: ICLEI Europe): Here, the project's promotional materials that had been and were to be developed are described. You can find the full set of now available project materials on top of this page. Some of them also exist in a printed version.
  • D6.5 Project Website (lead: ICLEI Europe): This document explains the initial version of this website. It has since been developed and extended a lot. Don't hesitate to take a look around!


  • D3.2 Business models (lead: LWK Steiermark): Development of tailor-made business models for each of the selected DHS systems, based on the most promising and suitable alternative evaluated beforehand.
  • D5.2 Action plans for retrofitting of DHS (lead: JSI): Development of national or regional action plans for retrofitting of DHS, with necessary actions, timeline and responsible stakeholders, to enable efficient and successful implementation of different DHS retrofitting approaches.
  • D6.4 Marketing materials (lead: ICLEI Europe): Description of the marketing materials developed, focusing on specific messages or target groups. They will include a service pitch book to promote how KeepWarm's replicable services could benefit DHS utilities, investors, cities and/or other actors.